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Sexton & Company's Denver social media marketing advisors have been doing marketing for years. We provide social media marketing services to clients in Denver and across the country. Large, small and medium sized businesses see immediate results with targeted social media marketing supporting your online campaigns. Call 303-246-0366 for a free consultation.
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Social Media Marketing

Your online presence is crucial for future business, and using Social Media Marketing practices we can help make sure you have a stellar reputation. There are a number of outstanding online communities such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter that can help you connect in a positive way with your clientele base. Social Media Optimization can provide your Website with more traffic, and Sexton and Co can help.
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Website Design and Development

At Sexton and Company, our goal is to provide you with a visually striking web site, that provides both a fluid professional feel and functionality that serves your target customers. Our web designers and programmers have years of experience, and can operate with many different types of software, including WordPress, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Drupal to create a Web site that is unique to your business needs.
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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization -- often times separates a good web site from a great web site. With our SEO services, your website will increase in search engine rankings, bringing in additional traffic as well as increasing the number of conversions from your online marketing. We can target a broad audience, or concentrate on a local geographically targeted area, offering you a variety of means to reach your target market.
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